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We help larger organisations innovate and design with the dynamics of a small company – and we help small companies do the same to get big. Our experience with both kinds of clients makes us confident that we create innovative products that truly fit people’s lives.

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People People & Innovation that makes sense

At People People we often help a wide range of very different clients with innovating and designing products that are more or less unseen. In this challenge we often find that when creating meaningful innovation, we usually reach a combination of elements and ideas that are both known and unknown to people. You’re about to see a camera concept we developed to show you a glimpse of how a result from us could be like. The concept is a new take on how people could have the photos they want and how they could take them in a way that suit current lifestyles. We hope you like it.
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In this talk Martin goes through three methods that startups can use to build smarter in the system age.

See the video (In English) and slide share…
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The future is now. You can be part of building it; it’s easy! Just listen to people and build something that can help them. The cost to building something has never been this low. If you are not building it your self you should at least know the disruptive landscapes. Martin goes trough technology in different stages such as wearables, computer machine interface and autonomous vehicles. But the final point is that you just need a small flic smart button fr $35 to start this journey.

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Unfortunately the conference has been cancelled! Please contact Stockholm school of economics for more information.


In a few weeks, Veckans Affärer, Stockholm School of Economics IFL Executive Education & Hyper Island are hosting a conference that will address the future of money and the businesses who manage it.

What does the wave of startups in financial services, so-called FinTech, mean for business? What are the new ways of raising capital? What is best practice when it comes to launch new disruptive services? Get to know more about the insights and tactics from the entrepreneurs who are already creating the future. The keynote talk will be by Brett Scott (blogger, former broker, and the author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money). At 15.15-16.15 Martin Willers from People People will be on stage talking about the new disruptors of money.


Stockholm School of Economics, Sveavägen 65, Stockholm.

Read more about the event and get your ticket here (Early bird discount 2495 SEK. Valid until March 14.)

Liberos' Babybuzz first prototype - people people design
In a collaboration with Volontaire, People People has designed the first prototypes of Liberos Babybuzz. A pair of bracelets that help pregnant couples to better share the good experiences of carrying a child. The prototypes are huge and cumbersome since it is an early build, but they have served very well to show the fantastic first user reactions on the values that Babybuzz will give. Read more

Narrative Clip at the Oscars 2015 - People People design

We are happy to announce that the The Narrative Clip was included in the Oscars 2015 gift bags. Read more