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We help larger organisations innovate and design with the dynamics of a small company – and we help small companies do the same to get big. Our experience with both kinds of clients makes us confident that we create innovative products that truly fit people’s lives.

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Our Martin Willers will speak at Slush in Helsinki Finland at 16:40 local time. If you’re curious you can find his slides below.

Here’s a link to slide share if you prefer to watch the slides there

People People are happy to announce we are now a “partner” with Phonebloks. We truly support their work towards a more sustainable electronics industry and are thrilled about any collaborations that might come out of this partnership. People People designer Per Brickstad writes on their blog about modular design, read it here.


No less than three of our designs are nominated at Mobilgalan held tomorrow in Stockholm. The Golden Mobile Award is given yearly to a few distinguished companies in various categories relating to the mobile industry. We are happy to have been industrial design partners to:

Narrative Clip – Innovation Of The Year Category

Shortcut Labs / Flic – IoT Innovation Of The Year Category

Watty – IoT Innovation Of The Year Category

That makes 2 out of 6 nominations in the Internet Of Things Category, not too bad! Congrats and good luck to all our friends!

People People design NEVS electric SAAB - TOPPstudio

We are proud to announce that we have worked with NEVS to design and innovate the future of SAABs electric vehicles. Here’s a quote from NEVS Kjell ac Bergström about our work:

“Designing a car today is challenging. Technologies are emerging at a speed never seen before, changing our daily lives and habits at the core. As a car manufacturer it’s important to understand these new technologies and shape something meaningful that actually brings value to passengers and drivers. What’s the right balance between digital and physical interfaces in a car today? A touch screen, for instance, is great in some occasions but not good at all in others.

People People & Topp put together a team to design and innovate around NEVS driver and passenger experience in their future electric vehicles. The design team set out to find the right balance between the digital & physical, and how to integrate new services and technology without losing the classic values of a car. The ideas that came out of their work were not only innovative, but also made a lot of sense and looked great.”

- Kjell AC Bergström,  VP Quality @ NEVS

Martin Willers & Per Brickstad People People

Here is a link to an interview with our Martin Willers by The Blueprint where he talks about technology that fit peoples lives and other interesting topics.

Miele as new client - people people
We are happy to announce Miele as a Client. Most welcome!